Premium Road Bike Service in Paris

Basicycle: Modern Cycling: Road and Gravel

Welcome to Basicycle, your one-stop shop for ALL your cycling needs! We offer Professional Road Bike Service in Paris, France. We also cover Gravel Bikes, TT, and Triathlon Bikes.

🌈 Basicycle is inclusive! We are LGBTQIA+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ We adore our queer family! We welcome people of all ages, appearances, genders, races, cultures, ethnicities, and sexual and romantic orientations.

The Basicycle Bike Fit: Precise Science and Art of Ride Comfort and Performance

We fit your bike to your unique biomechanics and provide continued support for having the most comfortable and efficient positioning on your bike.

Mechanical Service for Your Bike!

We provide excellent mechanical services, both routine periodic maintenance, and all needed enhancements and repairs.

Have Basicycle Build Your Dream Bike!

We build and prepare your bicycle to perfection with your choice of frame and components.

Buy Your Dream Bike from Basicycle!

We help you to find, source, and purchase your dream bike. You name it! Time trial/triathlon, road bike, or gravel.

Achieve your full potential and perform at your best! Train with Basicycle!

We offer mobility training, nutrition, and recovery plans based on the latest sports science and technology research.

Design, Customize and Personalize Your Bike

Make your bike your own! We help you customize your bike and choose the best accessories for it.

Let's Go for an Epic Ride

We offer personalized gravel and road bike tours in the greater Paris Area.

Basicycle is here to help you! Just Ask!

Anything else we can help you with? Just ask! Advice, answers to your questions, and labor on your bike’s brakes are always free of charge at Basicycle! Get in touch! We are always Happy to Help!