Road Bike Mechanic in Paris

Basicycle: Your Professional Bike Mechanic for Road, Gravel, and Time Trial Bikes

   Basicycle has a comprehensive list of services to offer as a road bike mechanic in Paris. Your modern road, gravel, and time trial/triathlon bikes are in good hands with us.

   We also have a mobile workshop operating aboard the Basicycle cargo bike. Get in touch! We will decide either to receive you at our location or arrange a pickup and drop off of your bike, your wheels, or other parts that need repair, or even a quick repair service where you are!

 Routine Checkups

We recommend that you get routine bike checkups done REGULARLY! It is the best way to keep your rides safe, stress-free, and fast. Having regular checkups saves you money as well. The sooner we find the problem, the easier and less costly it is! So you can prevent further damage and higher costs! Regular inspection, service, and maintenance add to the lifespan of your bike and its consumable parts.

    • Complete Bike Checkups
    • Brakes Checkup and Bleed
    • Wheel Checkup 
    • Frame Inspection
    • Saddle and Seat Post Inspection and Maintenance
    • Shifting Mechanism Inspection and Optimization

    We thoroughly inspect each part of your bike with a lot of care and attention and when needed, with precision tools. We also keep a detailed record of our maintenance work on your bike. You can opt-in to receive reminders whenever a service task is due or one of your bike parts is approaching the end of its functioning life.

     Custom Bike Builds

    Basicycle offers excellent custom bike builds, à la carte, with your choice of frame, group set, components, wheels, and accessories. We can indeed source all equipment and accessories you may need! Learn more about our bike build service here! If you’re buying a Canyon bike, read this first!

    • Complete Bike Builds from A to Z

    • Bike Disassembly and Rebuild for a Paint Job

    • Swapping Your Groupset

    • Swapping Wheels and/or Other Components


      Brakes are undoubtedly the most vital part of your bike for your safety! We recommend checking your brakes before every ride and making sure that they are fully functional. We can help you with:

      • Full Brake Checkup at Every Visit
      • Rim Brake Adjustment
      • Rim Brake Cable and Housing Replacement
      • Rim Brake Pad Installation
      • Disk Brake Full Bleed
      • Disk Brake Rotor Truing
      • Disk Brake Pad Installation
      • Disk Brake Caliper and Pad Alignment
      • Disk Brake Caliper Surfacing

      Here at Basicycle, we do care about your safety and well-being above everything else, therefore ALL THE WORK WE DO ON YOUR BRAKES IS FREE OF CHARGE! You only pay for the consumables. We are proud to be your road bike mechanic in Paris!


      • Carbon Repairs
      • Frame Cleaning and Polish
      • Frame Customization
      • Complete Frame Overhaul
      • Custom Design and Paint Jobs
      • Ceramic Coating Application
      • Paint Sealant for New Bikes
      • Accessories for Your Frame


      • Drivetrain Cleaning and Optimization
      • Drivetrain Upgrades
      • Bottom Bracket Service/Replacement
      • Drivetrain Tune-up
      • Oversized Pully Wheel Installaion
      • Shifting Cable/Housing Replacement
      • Shifting Adjustments
      • Sram AXS Service and Upgrades
      • Shimano Di2 Service and Upgrades


      • Custom Wheel Build
      • Wheel Rebuild, Relacing
      • Full Wheel Service
      • Wheel Repairs, Spoke Replacement
      • Bearings: Checkup, Cleaning and Regreasing / Replacement
      • Wheel Truing
      • Wheel Customization, Decals, Stickers
      • Tubeless Conversion (Oh, we love Tubeless!)
      • Tires installation and replacement


         Except for the work on your brakes, which is a gift from us for your safety, all mechanical services are charged €86 per hour.