Canyon Bike Service in Paris

   Canyon is one of the best manufacturers of bikes in the world. If you have chosen your next bike to be a Canyon, congratulations! We will happily help you! You can have your bike shipped directly to our location in Paris. We will assemble and prepare it for you with utmost care.

   If you have already done a bike fit, we will transfer your measurements to your new Canyon Bike for a comfortable ride from day one.

   Our Canyon Bike Service in Paris includes deep cleaning of your group set through completely removing the factory grease from your drivetrain so you start with an efficient brand-new bike.

   A waxed Chain is a must for a smooth-running bicycle. It significantly adds to the life span of the components of your bike! We have excellent chain wax service with AbsoluteBlack Graphene Wax!

We offer Ceramic Coating and Paint Sealant Applications so your bike looks nicer, stays clean for longer, and it is much easier to clean later down the road!

   And we save you from the mess and hassle of Tubeless Conversion with our Tire and Wheel Service.

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