Road Bike Drivetrain Service

   Road Bike Drivetrain Service in Paris! The drivetrain plays an important part in the mechanical efficiency of your bicycle. Here is what we do to help you run it most smoothly and add to the longevity of your drivetrain too:

  • Rigorous Cleaning of Your Drivetrain
    • We use the latest technology in ultrasonic cleaning and chemistry to degrease and clean your drivetrain components! Your chainrings, your chain, and your cassette are thoroughly cleaned in a high-quality ultrasonic cleaning system. All the consumables we use are environmentally safe. At our drivetrain lab, we mainly use Muc-Off products for cleaning your drivetrain.
  • Waxed Chain
    • Many scientific studies have found that the waxed chain is the most effective choice for your drivetrain efficiency.
    • If you determine that the wax treatment suits your riding style the best, we treat it with the AbsoluteBLACK GraphenWax. Independent testing and studies have proved it to be one of the fastest solutions in the market. Learn more about wax treatment here!
  • Lubrication of Your Chain
    • Sometimes despite its many advantages, chain wax is not the most convenient solution for lubing your drivetrain. Therefore we highly recommend using conventional lubricants if you mostly ride in wet conditions and muddy gravel. In case you decide to use regular lubricant, we help you with the choice and application of the best-suited lubricant to your riding style and drivetrain.
  • Tuning Your Shifting Mechanism
    • Once your drivetrain is fully clean, lubed, and ready, we adjust and tune it to the best of its limits. Precise adjustment leads to a smooth but crisp and responsive shifting in all situations. Our road bike drivetrain service includes Sram eTap AXS and Shimano Di2 tuning and micro-adjustment.