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Bike Fit in Paris: Precise Science and Art of Ride Comfort and Performance

   Experience the joy of cycling with unparalleled comfort at Basicycle! With years of hands-on biking experience and in-depth knowledge of biomechanics and human movement systems, Basicycle brings you a holistic bike fit experience. Your journey to a more comfortable life on your bicycle begins right here! Congratulations on your great choice!

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What is a Bike Fit?

   Bike fit is the process of adjusting a bicycle to match a rider’s body dimensions, flexibility, and riding style. This helps improve comfort, efficiency, and performance while reducing the risk of injuries.

 Unlock Your Cycling Potential with Professional Bike Fitting Services in Paris, France!

   Are you ready to elevate your cycling experience? A precision bike fit is the key to unlocking your true potential. At Basicycle in Paris, France, we specialize in the art and the science of bike fitting, tailoring your bicycle to harmonize seamlessly with your body dimensions, flexibility, and riding style. Our meticulous process not only enhances comfort and efficiency but also boosts performance, all while minimizing the risk of injuries.

 Why is Bike Fit Important?

  Riding comfort is the cornerstone of speed and endurance. Our comprehensive bike fit service ensures your bike is not just a machine but an extension of your body, maximizing your cycling pleasure and minimizing unnecessary pain. We believe that no sport should inflict biomechanical discomfort, and with the right bike fit, your cycling journey becomes a journey of joy and accomplishment.

 The Basicycle Advantage:

    Personalized Bike Fit in Paris, Anywhere, Anytime:

   Whether you prefer the comfort of your home or our bike fit lab, we bring you our professional bike fitting service. Convenience meets excellence. If you have more than one bike to fit, Basicycle will come to your location for the bike fit.

    Continuous Improvement:

   Our bike fit is not a one-time event. It’s a dynamic, ongoing process. As your fitness and flexibility evolve, so does our commitment to refining your bike fit for an ever-improving riding experience.

 Included in a Basicycle Bike Fit:

Choosing the Right Bike Size

   Navigate the sea of bicycle options with confidence. We help you choose the perfect size based on your body and riding preferences, ensuring a harmonious fit!

Precision Bike Fit

   Through meticulous visual observation and dynamic adjustments, we strive for the highest level of ride comfort, making your cycling experience smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

Saddle Service

   We position your existing saddle for optimal comfort. If discomfort persists, we provide a selection of saddles for you to test until we find your perfect match.

Cleat Adjustment

   Experience the big difference subtle changes in cleat position can make. We ensure a smooth pedal stroke, eliminating discomfort in your feet, ankles, and knees.

Your journey to an enhanced cycling experience begins with a professional bike fit. Whether you have one bike or a fleet for various riding styles, we’ll streamline the geometry for consistent comfort. Click the button below to get in touch with Basicycle. Let us assess your needs and book your appointment for a personalized bike fit experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Ride comfortably, ride fast!


   Basicycle Bike Fits come at €299. This includes all the above, and depending on the complexity of your bike fit, it lasts about 4 hours.  We can’t wait to make your bike a whole lot more comfortable for you!

Anatomy of a Basicycle Bike Fit:


   With your bike fit appointment confirmation, you will receive a link to a comprehensive questionnaire about your medical history, past injuries, lifestyle, sports you practice in general, and your cycling training. Optionally, you can also choose to include one or more of our training modules in your initial bike fit.

Pre-Fit Physical and Interview

   Before you get on your bike, we perform a complete physical examination to assess your mobility and flexibility. Then, we do a few key body measurements to have in your records for your bike fit and future reference. We address any issues that we may discover and start the bike fit.

The Bike Fit

   On the day of your bike fit appointment, we will start by going over the details of your onboarding form. We will go through the modules you have chosen during onboarding. We will do your bike fit and finish it with precision adjustments to your cleats and any other necessary fine-tuning of your position.

Measuring Your Bike

   Once we are done with your bike fit, we will perform the necessary measurements of your bike, and you will receive a detailed report in your email inbox shortly. You can use these numbers to put your bike back together after a trip or to set up a rental bike to your unique bike fit.

Test Rides

   Depending on how much change we have made to your position on your bike, you need to take a few test rides in real-life road conditions to see how your body responds to the changes. We recommend at least 4 progressively increasing long-distance rides.

Feedback and Fine Tuning

   According to the outcome of your test rides, we will once more assess your position and will make the final adjustments to your bike. You can finally enjoy your new-found comfort in the saddle!

Further Down The Road

   The more you ride your bike and the more you take care of the mobility and flexibility of your body, the stronger you get! This leads to more comfort, more strength, and endurance which makes your cycling more performant and comfortable. It also enables you to adjust your bike fit to hold a more aerodynamic position on your bike. We will perform more assessments on your demand and adjust your bike fit accordingly.