About Basicycle

   Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Basicycle!

   Basicycle (pronounced bay-sickle) is an inclusive, equity-focused, and environmentally-conscious bicycle business aiming to cover all your modern cycling needs. We operate in Paris, France, and its Greater Area.

The Person

   A photojournalist by trade, Leo Novel, grew up on bicycles and, has been riding ever since. Moving between the countless countries he has lived in, has never stopped him from riding his bicycle. He is mainly into long-distance endurance road cycling, but he does his fair share of gravel and mountain biking too.

   His curiosity and fascination with bicycles fueled his non-stop journey of studying the ins and outs of bike mechanics. Throughout the years, he has also acquired extensive knowledge of the science of body movement and biomechanics.

   When he is not on duty as a photojournalist, or riding and fixing bikes, he spends time with his little old buddy, Mister Misha the Bulldog, and he enjoys listening to and playing music! Making excellent espressos is one of his bragging rights.

The Story

Leo has always shared his enthusiasm for cycling, his knowledge, and know-how of bicycles and human biomechanics, and cycling in general with his riding friends. For some time, he has worked as a bike fitter and mechanic in parallel with his main work as a photographer and media person.

In 2023, Leo founded Basicycle to focus his efforts on slightly widening the circle of people who would benefit from having a high-end cycling service available to them! This is only the beginning, and we are very excited to find our foothold in the industry and help and serve more fellow cyclists!!

Our Values

   At Basicycle, we value the quality of our work over the quantity and we treat every single one of you like a professional cyclist with continuous help and support. Come and join our small and diverse family of serious cyclists! We would love to have you among us! We bet you will like it too!

We take pride in the precision of our services and the speed and reliability at which we provide these services.

Equity, Inclusiveness, and Women in Cycling

   Basicycle is an equity-focused and inclusive business. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. We welcome people of all ages, appearances, genders, races, cultures, ethnicities, and sexual and romantic orientations with love, respect, and admiration!

   We believe that women are unfairly underrepresented in cycling, and sports in general. We are firmly against this and strive to push our limits in providing well-adapted and comprehensive services to women in cycling and all other underrepresented groups.

   Our sponsorship opportunities and VIP Club memberships are spread equally between all genders. We are all in for equality, yet our efforts are equity-focused as we try to level the playing field for all the players!

Our Planet

   Basicycle is firmly dedicated to the environment, and we try our best to keep our waste as low as possible. Recycling is at the top of our waste management list. We use minimal packaging, if any at all, for the items that we ship. For our services, Basicycle operates mostly aboard an electric cargo bike. We use environmentally friendly transport services for our logistics to keep our carbon footprint the lowest possible!