Your one-stop shop for ALL Road Bike Service in Paris. Road Bike, Gravel Bike, and Time Trial/Triathlon Bikes!

Buying Your Bike

We help you find and buy your ideal bike and build it for you.

Maintaining Your Bike

Well-oiled Machine!

Fitting Your Bike

No sport should ever hurt! And if it hurts, it’s not normal! Once you eliminate unnecessary pain due to a bad bike fit, you will be able to piush your limits! So that the suffering you go through is the result of constructive stress!

Fitting your bike to your unique biomechanics is essential for achieving your best performance. The more comfortable you are on your bike, the faster you will go! And you’ll go farther, and you’ll recover in less time.

Customizing Your Bike

You are a unique person! And your ride should be a reflection of your unique personality!

Riding Your Bike

Comfortable, Fast, and Steady!

Bike Tours

Let’s go for a ride! We do all the necessary work for a joyful custom bike tour for you at Basicycle!